Protan AB

Protan AB

Gunnebogatan 22
SE-163 53 Spånga

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Ali Ketabati

Country Manager Sweden
Claes Eliasson - Försäljning Väst & Norr / Produktansvarig

Claes Eliasson

Försäljning Väst & Norr / Produktansvarig
Jan Skytterfält - Försäljning Öst

Jan Skytterfält

Försäljning Öst
Marcus Johansson - Forsäljning Syd

Marcus Johansson

Forsäljning Syd
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Zand Ibrahim

Project Support Engineer
Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles

Protan's PVC-coated technical textiles are flexible and used in demanding conditions on land and offshore.

Tunnel & Mines

Tunnel & Mines

We supply innovative ventilation systems and water protection systems for tunnels, mines and underground structures.

Protan Elmark

Protan Elmark

We deliver multi-purpose structures and marquees, as well as bespoke structures designed to customer requirements.



LITEX Waterproofing systems consist of approved solutions for the construction of bathrooms and wet rooms for new and refurbishment projects.